B.Optom. (Hons.), M.Optom. ICLEP(L.V.Pr. Eye Inst. Hyderabad)

Vice-President & Faculty: 

Vidyasagar College Of Optometry & Vision Science. (Kolkata) (First Optometry Graduate College in Eastern India)


World Council of Optometry (USA) 


Department of Optometry Vidyasagar University (W.B)

Board Member: 

Midnapore Lions Club Eye Hospital.

Supporting, Attache & Life Member

  • West Bengal Association For Optometrists.
  • Indian Optometric Association (New Delhi)
  • Vidyasagar Community Vision Centre (Kolkata)
  • Calcutta Optical Association
  • Calcutta Contact Lens Society
  • Midnapore District Association Of Sports Medicine (W.B)

Community Eye Care Programme

Over past 25 years several organizations like Lions Club, Bharat Sevasram Sangha, Ramkrishna Mission, different school and colleges, NGOs and associations with our Vidyasagar College Of Optometry & Vision Science Eye Care Program in both East & West Midnapore districts, we see that community eye care is a complex and vital activities in which different individuals and organizations play a part. According to the modern concept school, college health service is an economical and powerful means of raising community eye care and should responsible for the early detection of refractive errors, squint, amblyopia, trachoma etc.

There is a treatment need for vision care around the world. There are huge population in India, where a large percentage of the people do not have any or have highly inadequate vision care. I think Community Vision awareness & program is carried specially at remote rural and urban areas.